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As a company selling a range of stationary steam engines, it was natural for Bowman to also sell a range of "Working Models" gadgets for the engines to drive. Bowman described these units as being "made abroad", which probably means that Bowman ordered them from a German manufacturer, with Bowman specifying certain changes to a selection of existing models, such as the metal Meccano-compatible bases. Online sources seem to agree that they were made by Doll et Cie.

These drilled or punched bases were especially useful for "working models" as, even if one didn't use the Meccano-compatible aspect, one needed some way for the units to be rigidly screwed to some sort of shared base, so that they could be connected by tensioned drivebands.


With a sufficiently powerful engine, one could drive the "shafting" model, a raised foot-long driveshaft with multiple drivewheels, which could then drive a number of working models simultaneously.

This sort of configuration used to be used in factories to allow a single high-power stationary steam engine to drive multiple individual workstations, via overhead driveshafts connected to drivebelts.

Catalogue text:


Made abroad to Bowman Specification with Drilled Metal Bases

A new range of models worthy of your Bowman engine. Note their beautiful finish and realism and the special drilled base for using with Meccano and Erector sets. A Bowman Mod. 135 drove them all at once but the smallest Bowman will drive several of them at once. The entirely new Dynamo 839 really works with very small steam engines.

— , Jenkins Productions Ltd, , The Bowman Book of Steam Models,


Model 830 – Dynamo
For 2½ Volt lamps, solidly made and strongly recommended for Model 135, height 4".
Model 831 – Grindstone
A solidly made machine with iron frame and real grinding stone, height 5".
Model 832 – Press
A well-made reproduction of a real Press. Working parts of steel, height 4½".
Model 833 – Circular Saw
Steel plate frame with nickelled top, height 3½".
Model 834 – Bandsaw
A thoroughly sound little machine with steel saw, height 4¾"
Model 835 – Grindstone
Solidly made with real grindstone, height 3½"
Model 836 – Fretsaw
Steel plate frame with nickelled top, height 4xx".
Model 837 – Drill
A realistic miniature drilling machine, height 6¼"
Model 838 – Shafting
For driving several models at one time. Length 12"

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