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Benbros was founded by the brothers Jack Benenson and Nathan Benenson (in the late 1940s?), and produced diecast toys in North London.

Benbros produced an unusual diecast model of Stephenson's Rocket locomotive. Other than this, their most distinctive products (setting them apart from the larger makers) were (like Morestone/Budgie) probably their diecast horse-drawn wagons and motorcycles.

~1953: TV Series

Benbros are chiefly remembered for their range of diecast toy cars, initially packaged in a box styled to look like an upright wooden television set and called the TV Series (circa ~1953).

~1956: Mighty Midgets

The "TV Series" were later rebadged in more modern-looking red and yellow boxes as the Mighty Midgets range (circa ~1956).

Zebra Toys

A further attempt to make the boxes more distinctive resulted in the Zebra Toys range, with boxes featuring alternating black and white stripes.


The company also used the name Qualitoys, and made other items such as a range of Robin Hood figures.


  • BENBROS (London) Ltd. – 145 Gosport Road, Walthamstow, London E 17

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