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Aurora AFX

1971 -     

The Aurora AFX range of slotcars (1971 - 1983/1984) were scaled to blend in with popular 00/H0 model railway systems, and could be thought of as the technological successor to Aurora's Aurora Model Motoring range.

Since AFX didn't appear until the 1970s, it's a bit out of the Toy Museum's date range.

Origins and development

The original ancestor of the range was the 1:76 00-scaled Playcraft Highways range, originally manufactured for Playcraft by Jouef, which Aurora acquired and improved, replacing the original "buzzy" push-pull "solenoid-and-ratchet" motors with something more sophisticated, until finally bringing out the A/FX or Aurora Factory Experimentals range in 1971, with standardised chassis that took clip-on bodyshells (the longer 1973 "speciality" chassis also took a fixing screw).

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