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AMT slot cars

1962 -     

AMT's slotcars (a.k.a. "Authentic Model Turnpike") were initially comparatively expensive, with the cars having steering and a separate chassis (with various wheelbases) that the bodyshells screwed to. Perhaps in an attempt to keep the cost down their first launched set (1962) had two tracks but only came with one car.


AMT was styled on the company's slotcar products, as standing for "Authentic Model Turnpike". AMT car kits started appeared in the 1950s, and the New Jersey Turnpike had opened in 1951 and made an impression on the American public's consciousness as something new and modern.

However, in much of the rest of the English-speaking world, "Turnpike" (meaning a privately operated and maintained toll road) was an archaic and confusing word that was not necessarily understood without the help of a dictionary: the last "Turnpike Trust" in England had shut down just before the end of the Nineteenth Century, and anyone in England who still actually knew what a turnpike was was more likely to associate it with wooden farmer's carts rather than with the latest and most exciting cars from Detroit.

AMT increasingly reverted, in slotcar branding, to just "AMT".

1962 catalogue text:

An authentic 4' × 9½' model road racing set (1/25th scale) with which all the action of real road racing can be simulated as individually controlled 8" cars dodge obstacles, steer right or left, change lanes, accelerate, spin-out and recover in forward and reverse – yet cars cannot leave track – all at the direction of remote driver with steering wheel and control column. Complete set includes 5 straight, 6 curve, and crossover track sections, 2 Amp dual Power Pack for 110 volt A.C. plug-in and one Thunderbird car with steering wheel, controls and customizing decals. Extra cars and track available separately. Shipping weight 19 lbs.

EXTRA CARS WITH STEERING – For added racing enjoyment, two 8" accurately scaled motorised model cars in high impact plastic with realistic chrome trim, rubber tires, windshield, colorful customizing decal set, steering unit and control column with connecting wire. Shipping weight 4 lbs each.

  • 1962 Mercury Hardtop
  • 1962 Pontiac Hardtop

— , AMT Corporation, , card insert, , F.A.O. Schwarz Toy Bazaar catalogue, , 1962

1963 review text:

Table-Top Racers Have Steerable Front Wheeels

Swerving back and forth on slotted tracks, the individually controlled cars in an electric table-top set provide the feel of stock-car racing. Guided by a steering wheel that turns the cars' wheels, the racers maneuver in and out on a pivoting front wheel assembly. They can go forward or in reverse, pass on a special crossover, go into spins or swing wide on curves.

The cars clip onto an undercarriage beneath the track. Made of plastic, the Authentic Model Turnpike measures 4 by 9½ feet. It's available for about $50 from AMT Corp, Troy, Mich.

— , -, , news section, , Popular Mechanics, , February 1963

1964 advertising text:


You match your imagination and skill with automotive designers and custom car experts when you build the 1964 cars in 1/25th scale AMT 3-in-1 Customising Kits. AMT has the hottest of the '64s. Convertibles and hardtops. Complete with all the parts you need to build stock, custom or competition versions. Guaranteed authentic ... because AMT works with the experts – the men who know! And for 1964, more great features than ever before! Working lights on the Ford 500XL, and Chevy S/S! 1/25 scale drivers with the Imperial and Continental! Special trailer with the Corvette! And many other extras you won't find anywhere else. That's AMT 3-in-1 Customising Kits. The best! Why not see for yourself! Check your favourite store. MILLIONS OF BOYS BUILD WITH AMT CUSTOMISING KITS! HOW ABOUT YOU?


Thirty five great 1964 cars in authentic 1/25th scale from AMT. The best there is!

— , AMT Industries, , Boys Life, , March 1964


"Chrome" accessories ... quick assembly ... AMT quality kits for only 50c

  • STING RAY – Go nuts! Look at the "chrome" goodies ... rear bumper, spinner hubs, steering wheel, grille, license plates and many more – plus an authentically detailed interior. A wild, wild star in the new AMT "ALL STARS" line!
  • INDY "500" WINNER – Detailed speed parts include front and rear mags, high-speed rear end, reinforced tie rods and front axle. Plus "chromed" nerf bar, gas cap and exhaust pipes amongst others! Over 25 authentic 1/32 scale parts!
  • '40 FORD SEDAN – More than 30 parts. And 9 – count 'em – 9 are "chromed" – front axle, wishbone assembly, hub caps, headlights, front and rear bumper, grille. This ALL STAR also has windows and a highly detailed instrument panel.
  • '32 FORD COUPE – 35 authentic 1/32 scale parts. Caps, front bumper, grille, headlights, horn, gearshift lever, rear bumper and wishbone assembly – all these goodies are "chromed".

— , AMT, , Boys' Life, , September 1964

1966 advertising text:


AMT Slot Cars are winners in every scale. 1/32, 1/25, 1/24!

  • 1/25 SCALE – completely assembled and ready to go. The fabulous 1966 Galaxie XL Hardtop, the Mustang GT Hardtop, and the Chevy Impala Hardtop. Winners all!
  • 1/24 SCALE – Greatest names in road racing. The Maclaren Elva, Hussein, Lola and Chevy Chapparal. Every one a champ!
  • 1/32 SCALE – Here's a line-up that makes choosing hard. McKee Engineering Special, the Lotus-30, the Chevette and the Ford GT.

SPEED and HANDLING – All these new slotters hang to the track, thanks to self-adjusting equalisers.

Get a hot new AMT Slot Car in the scale of your choice.

— , AMT Corporation, , advert, , Boys' Life, , January 1966


  • AMT CORPORATION – Box 81 Troy, Michigan

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