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ACE Trains

1995 -     

ACE Trains are a highly-respected London-based producer of modern, quality, modest production run gauge 0 model locomotives.

They were founded in 1995 by Allen and Charlotte Levy. "ACE" is fully capitalised, as it stands for the initials of "Allen", "Charlotte", "Emily".

Target market

ACE produce traditionally engineered metal model locomotives in the spirit of some of the finest gauge 0 pieces distributed by Bassett-Lowke in the 1930s, and are arguably the spiritual successor to B-L with regards to gauge 0 modelling. ACE brought along examples of their streamlined Coronation-Class locos on our Coronation Scot Train Running Day in 2012, and we ran their 6229 Duchess of Hamilton alongside our 1930s Bassett-Lowke original, and dared onlookers to tell the two apart (without looking for the "ACE Trains" plaque on the modern piece).

As well as selling to gauge 0 enthusiasts who know that they'll probably never be able to afford a vintage Bassett-Lowke original, ACE also sells to some people who do own the original locos, but who also want something that they can enjoy running on their layouts with a clear conscience, without fretting about whether they are wearing out a precious original 1930s electric motor.

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