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Models produced to 1:72 scale.

1/72 is a "geometrical" scale that makes a six-foot human figure exactly one inch high. 1:72 gives models that are a factor of two larger than 1:144, another useful ratio (12 times 12) that generates many useful proportions based on twos and threes and sixes and twelves - these can be handy when working with plans specified in non-metric units.

1:72 vs. 1:76

Since UK 00-gauge corresponds to a scaling of approximately 1:76, this created a conflict that forced manufacturers to choose between designing a model to please customers who wanted stand-alone models in a "twelves" engineering ratio (1:72), and those who wanted their models to fit into existing dioramas and accessory-sets designed around 00-gauge (1:76). As a result, a certain number of kits and models ended up being designed to one scale, and "creatively" labelled as the other.


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