Carter Paterson and Pickfords Van (Tri-ang Minic 22M)

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Carter Paterson and Pickfords Van (Tri-ang Minic 22M)

Carter Paterson Moving Van, Triang Minic (MinicCat 1937).jpg The non-Pickfords version of the Carter Paterson van (i)
BTMM map 061.gif

Arch Three , Area 61
1930s Layout, station side

A clockwork toy Carter Paterson and Pickfords van made by Triang as part of the Minic Vehicles range, model 22M.

The van has a red cab, dark green haulage area with curved upper side edges, silver running boards, and silver wheel hubs and black tyres.

The "Carter Paterson and Pickfords" / "Joint Parcels Services" name is emblazoned along the upper side as white dark-outlined text against a bright red strip, and below this there is an image of a (desert?) scene with orange ground and a yellow sky, with a grey elephant and the slogan Send your trunk ahead.

Carter Paterson and Pickfords Van 22M, showing the double backdoors