Carette hot-air engine

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Carette hot-air engine

Hot-air engine, 1910-1912 (Georges Carette).jpg (i)
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Arch Two , Area 5
Custom Steam (display)

A commercial working model hot-air engine manufactured by Carette in 1910/1912.

Some of the other toy and model steam and hot-air engines made at this period by Bing and Märkling had a tendency to be clunky and crudely over-oramented, with every corner or beam-end considered to be a potential site for knobbly cast "piecrust" decoration.

Carette's model engines tended to be sleeker and more minimalist, and apart from the occasional lined brown panel, this engine looks remarkably modern, with an almost almost futurist "Swiss" look about it.

Georges Carette hot-air engine
Georges Carette hot-air engines, vertically and horizontally mounted (1911)