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Brik-tor (or Briktor) was a construction toy system made by A.C. Gilbert to complement their Erector system.

At the time, Gilbert had not yet absorbed the US rights to Meccano, and Erector was still primarily a "metal girder" system with shaped "zig-zag" girder strips, for building bridges and scaffolding-based structures. Brik-tor was designed to complement this by allowing the gaps in an Erector-based building framework to be filled in with bricks to produce finished buildings.

Brik-tor had red painted metal bricks with holes for threading-rods, and grey versions for building up planes of tiles for roofing, white ornamental bricks, and also doors and windows.

1916 promotional text:

Briktor "The Toy for Young Architects"

Brik-tor is the brother of Erector. You all know that Erector is the toy which enables you to build all kinds of machinery, buildings, bridges, battleships, and hundreds of things. Make these models even more like the real things with Brik-tor.

"Brick-in" the side-walls, chimneys and foundations of your buildings – the towers of your bridges, and the piers. Make handsome brick houses, churches, armories, forts and railroad stations!

Each set of Brik-tor contains several hundred parts – bright red bricks, slate ones for roof effects, white pieces for trimmings, and doors and windows. A handsome book of instruction, in colors, shows many fine models you can build.

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Get your set of Brik-tor, become a member of The Gilbert Institute of Erector Engineering – enter the Brik-tor prize contests. Price of Brik-tor set, $5.00 – in Canada, $7.50.

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