Brighton Belle 1969 Pullman train (Hornby 00)

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Brighton Belle 1969 Pullman train (Hornby 00)

BTMM map 041.gif

Arch Three , Area 41
East Sussex Countryside model railway layout

A complete five-car electric 00-gauge rake of the Brighton Belle Pullman train, in the livery used by British Rail in 1969, made by Hornby.

The train can usually be seen running on the 00-gauge layout at the back of the Museum, passing through areas 40 and 41.

Retail packs

This train was released by Hornby in 2012, in four pieces: A pack containing the two end "driver" cars S292S and S293S (with or without digital control), and three individual packs containing one car each, S281S, S283S, and S285S.

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