Brighton Belle 1934 Pullman train (Hornby, 2012)

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Brighton Belle 1934 Pullman train (Hornby, 2012)

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Arch Three , Area 41
East Sussex Countryside model railway layout


A complete five-car electric 00-gauge rake of the Brighton Belle Pullman train, with classic 1934 Pullman umber and cream livery, made by Hornby.

This set was released in 2012, to coincide with the date on which the 5BEL Trust were hoping to have their five-car Brighton Belle rake ready for service.

Retail packs

This train was released by Hornby in 2012, in four packs: A pack containing the two end "driver" cars No.88 and No.89 (with or without digital control), and three individual packs containing one car each. The two driver-car set come sin a large box with very nice artwork front and back, showing the full train and its history. The packaging for the other three individual carriages is more spartan (presumably on the assumption that anyone buying these is likely to already have the "driver car" set).

  • R2897 Car No.86 and Car No.86 Electric Motor Units (EMUs). In the Hornby set, one of the two cars is DC-powered, the other is a "dummy".
  • R4512 Car No.86 Pullman Trailer 3rd Class Parlour Car
  • R4513 "Doris" Brighton Belle Car, Pullman Trailer 1st Class Kitchen
  • R4514 "Hazel" Brighton Belle Car, Pullman Trailer 1st Class Kitchen

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