Brickplayer Farm Kit (Spears Games)

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Brickplayer Farm Kit (Spears Games)

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A boxed set of the Brickplayer Farm Kit, by Spears Games.

The is was a very large set that allowed owners to build an entire set of model farm buildings.


While most Brickplayer designs (1-12) were supposed to be to approximately "gauge 0" scale, designs 13-19 specifically for the farm set were listed as being 1:48.

The models

The booklet "Brickplayer Farm, and How to Build It" gives designs for seven models, numbered 13-19: The Farmhouse, The Cowshed and Dairy, The Stable, The Field Shelter, The Dutch Barn, The Bull Pen, and The Pig Sty. Users are recommended to start with the "Pig Sty" first, as it is the smallest and simplest design, and has the most detailed instructions.