Breakdown lorry 48M, prewar (Triang Minic)

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Breakdown lorry 48M, prewar (Triang Minic)

Breakdown Lorry with Mechanical Crane, Minic 2860 (TriangCat 1937).jpg (i)
BTMM map 065.gif

Arch Three , Area 65
1930s Layout, central section, front

A pre-war flatbed Breakdown Lorry model 48M with tow crane made by Triang as part of the Minic Vehicles range.

The lorry has a brown cab, silver fenders and white tyres.

1937 catalogue image

Dual motors

One of the notable things about the prewar Minic Breakdown Lorry ("with Mechanical Crane") was that it was equipped with two separate clockwork motors: one to drive the truck, and a second motor to operate the crane.

1939 advert image