Bowman 410 steam model locomotive

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Bowman 410 steam model locomotive

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Arch Two , Area 3
Toyshop Steam (display)

A small and slightly dumpy green 0-4-0 gauge 0 steam-powered model locomotive, made by Bowman Models in 1932.

This was the smallest locomotive ever made by Bowman. In order to achieve the reduction in size (practically a miniature by Bowman standards!), the 410 didn't have external pistons and was instead powered by a single oscillating cylinder mounted inside the cab.

Bowman Junior Tank Loco Model 410

Model 410

A NEW WONDER. One of the most wonderful little steam locos made. Pulls 4 or 5 trucks steadily for 15 minutes non-stop. Owing to its special design, this loco will hold the rails even with a light load on behind. Brass boiler 3 3/8" × 1 1/2". Safety valve and overflow plug. Length 7 1/4 ". Complete in wood box.

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