Big Wheel Outfit (Primus Engineering)

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Big Wheel Outfit (Primus Engineering)

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A Primus Big Wheel Outfit" made by Primus Engineering in the 1920s.

About the "Big Wheel Outfit"

The purpose of the "Big Wheel" outfit was, as one might expect, to allow the user to construct large wheels for model field guns, or traction engines, or wagons. An interesting distinction between this outfit and the "Meccano" approach was that in this set, instead of being "given" large wheels ready-made, or having to laboriously make them completely from scratch using standard parts in a way that didn't replicate the engineering of most real wheels, the Primus set had dedicated parts for making larger wheels.

The set includes three main types of part: rim pieces, central hubs with edge holes, and a large number of wire "spokes" that let the user build up comparatively large lightweight wheels similar to those found on a bicycle or motorbike.

1924 Catalogue text:

So many working models give twice the pleasure when wheels are incorporated. This useful outfit has been designed for this purpose, and enormously increases the scope of standard Primus Outfits. Each Outfit has ample parts to build four wheels of 4 in. dia., or two of 6 in. dia., or two of 8 in. dia.

— , -, , Bassett-Lowke Catalogue "B", , 1924

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