Bessemer locomotive LBSC 213 (gauge 0)

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Bessemer locomotive LBSC 213 (gauge 0)

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Arch One , Area 85
Brighton Locomotive Works (display)

Glamour of Brighton

A black gauge 0 clockwork model of the 4-4-0 "Bessemer" locomotive, numbered "213", with "LBSC" markings on its tender.

The original locomotive

Locomotive No213 "Bessemer" LBSC B3 was built in January 1898, and was a larger version of the B2. It was the only B3-class loco built, being succeeded by the B2x. It was named after Henry Bessemer (1813-1898), who developed an industrial process for mass-producing steel.

The locomotive was designed by Robert John Billinton (1845-1904), and built at Brighton Works.

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