Bassett-Lowke gauge 0 catalogue (circa 1937)

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= Coronation Scot at Brighton Toy and Model Museum =
This exhibit was on display between November 2012 and early 2013

A rare original Bassett-Lowke catalogue for the company's gauge 0 trains and locomotives, dated around 1937-38.

The catalogue as black-and-white photograph of BL-'s Coronation 6220 gauge 0 model that extends across the front and back cover. the locomotive is colourised blue, the hand holding the back of the model is left in monochrome.

The image is cleverly designed to draw attention to the level of detail in the model - the font cover might be casually mistaken for an image of the real Coronation locomotive, and it's only when the reader flips the catalogue over to see the back that the scale of the object is revealed.


The catalogue cover and contents don't appear to list the date at which the catalogue was produced, or the period that it was supposed to be valid for, but the Coronation loco presumably puts an earliest limit at 1937 (assuming that B-L didn't produce their model in advance of the real thing), and a later version of the catalogue showing a red version of the cover and advertised in 1939 presumably makes 1939 a later limit.