Barnstaple Pullman train set 2035 (Hornby Dublo)

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Barnstaple Pullman train set 2035 (Hornby Dublo)

Barnstaple 34005 Dorchester 34042 West Country Locomotive, Hornby-Dublo 2235 3235 (DubloCat 1963).jpg (i)
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Hornby Dublo train set, "Set 2035, Pullman Train S.R." (Southern Railway), with original box, circa 1963. The large yellow and blue box is printed with the slogan "The Luxury Set of the Year".

Although a three-rail version of the locomotive was availabale separately, as the "Dorchester", this final "grand set" was only available in a two-rail version.


The set includes a green "Barnstaple" 4-6-2 Light Pacific "'West Country' and 'Battle of Britain' Class" locomotive designed by Oliver Bulleid, with running number 34005 and a British Railways crest on its tender, and three brown Pullman coaches:

  • "Aries"
  • Car No. 74, and
  • Car No. 79, with a luggage section.

The "Barnstaple" locomotive was in service from 1945-1966.

Also included is a set of Bournemouth Belle stickers.

Individual catalogue images (1963)

1963 Hornby-Dublo catalogue image, 34042 Barnstaple, No.2235 (and 3235 for three-rail, as Dorchester)
Pullman First Class Car, "Aries", Hornby-Dublo 4035 (1963 catalogue image)
Pullman Second Class Car, Hornby-Dublo 4036 (1963 catalogue image)
Pullman Brake/Second Class car, Hornby-Dublo 4037 (1963 catalogue image)

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Tri-ang Hornby

The two-rail Dublo Barnstaple locomotive survived into the 1965 Tri-ang Hornby transitional brochure, as R.2235.