BP Motor Spirit wagons (Leeds 1098)

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BP Motor Spirit wagons (Leeds 1098)

BTMM map 062.gif

Arch Four , Area 62
1930s Layout, top

A very nice set of cream and red gauge 0 BP Motor Spirit wagons, made by the Leeds Model Company (LMC) in the late 1920s or early 1930s.


The wagons are similar to milk wagons but with extra wire/rod bracing. The horizontal cylindrical tank, cap and base are cream coloured with a broad red line along the tank, and the chassis and end supports are red.

  • Lettering above the line says "1098" / " "BP" Motor Spirit" followed by a black six-pointed star.
  • Lettering below the line says "BRITISH PETROLEUM CO. LTD." / "Britannic House, Moorgate, London EC2"

The cream tank base carried the black oval "LMC" mark, and a black star

1928 description:

Oil Tank Wagon. A railway vehicle used for the transport of oil fuel. A model, illustrated, represents one of the familiar wagons used by the British Petroleum Co. The tank body is buff colour, lettered in black, and banded in red. Such a model in No. 0 gauge measures 6" in length and is fitted with turned cast mansell type coach wheels, anti-friction axle-boxes, steel axles, and proper coupling hooks and chains."

— , -, , Wonderful Models, , 1928

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