Autorail Panoramique

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Autorail Panoramique

Autorail Panoramique.jpg Overhead model of the Autorail Panoramique (i)
BTMM map 073.gif

Arch Three , Area 73
Arch Three, Overhead

The Museum's model of Renault's "Autorail Panoramique" is at the back of the Museum, over the central gauge 0 layout.

The original train

The Autorail Panoramique is a single-unit combined passenger carriage and drive unit (an "autorail"), with a raised central section that allows panoramic, all-round views. Passengers can see forwards and backwards without their view being blocked by the engine, and also get an elevated view that makes it easier to see over trackside obstructions, making it popular for particularly scenic journeys.

Statistics (original)

  • Length: 27.770 metres
  • Diesel
  • 10 units constructed 1959
  • nos. 4201-4210
  • wt. 55½ tons
  • 86 seats
  • Max Speed: 130km (80mph)

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