Austin Taxi (Dinky Toys 40h)

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Austin Taxi (Dinky Toys 40h)

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Model 40h
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Arch Two , Area 21
Classic Dinky Toys (John Durrant Collection)
Shelf 4

1951 - 1954

A yellow Austin Taxi (Dinky Toys 40h with brown interior and seating. A narrow silver radiator is on the front, and a flat "taxi" sign placed above the front window. A taxi meter is fitted next to the front passenger door.

The piece was manufactured as 40h between 1951-1954, and renumbered to 254 from 1954-62.

The Austin FX3 taxi

The colour of this model may be an obvious reminder of New York’s famous taxis, but the basis for the model, the Austin FX3, was produced in Coventry and sold in England. Especially designed to meet London specific regulations, it was sold across the UK. Unsuccessful efforts were made to sell them in America but it became the dominant taxi vehicle in London throughout the 50s. The FX1 and 2 never saw commercial release, the prototypes had flaws which prevented them being taken into full production.

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