American Skyline set 92 (Elgo)

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American Skyline set 92 (Elgo)

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Arch Two , Area 24
Building Sets 2 (display)
Shelf 1

A complete assembled white plastic 476-piece American Skyline Set number 92 building set, made by Elgo Plastics Inc., complete with large original box.

The American Skyline sets let users clip together plastic panels and corner column pieces to build typical classic US skyscraper-type architecture.

The box has yellow sides and a white-on-blue lid, showing a Manhattan-like skyline silhouette in black.

The box legend reads:

* A new plastic construction kit *
Easy and fascinating to build
Create modern structures with true scale unit parts
Pieces interlock and make sturdy models
Will not break in ordinary use

Elgo Plastics

Although "Elgo" may seem at first sight to be a fairly crude reference to "Lego", the "Elgo" division of Halsam was named after Halsam's founders, Harold Elliot and Sam Goss, Jr. . Halsam originally started out making wooden blocks, a market that they performed well in due to their custom automated block-manufacturing machinery.

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