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Structo lorry (BL-B 1924-10).jpg


Structo started out as one of the rash of American metal construction set brands (of varying levels of originality) that appeared from about 1913 onwards, after the introduction of Meccano to the US.

Originally produced by the STRUCTO Manufacturing Company, Freeport, Illinois, the Structo sets began to be accompanied by chunky metal car construction kits, and became part of the American Flyer line. Eventually the construction element disappeared, and "Structo" became a brand of heavy-duty metal toy cars.

"THE STRUCTO Constructional Motor Cars"

" While the 'true to life' character of the "Structo" Model Cars has not been surpassed by any other make of mechanical toy, the system adopted by which the owner of the model builds it himself gives it extra fascination.
The "Structo" Auto Cars are miniature reproductions of the real thing. The motors are "clockwork" of exceptional power. The mechanism is arranged on the lines of the prototype, with the proper design of transmission and steering gear. "

- Bassett-Lowke Catalogue B, 1924

Structo Auto-Builder, from 1924

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