Waterways of the World, by WJ Bassett-Lowke and Laurence Dunn (Puffin Picture Books)

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Waterways of the World, by W.J. Bassett-Lowke and Laurence Dunn (A Puffin Picture Book), is a softcover largish-format, 32-page book with crude colour printing and simple illustrations aimed at children.

The book is W.J.s attempt at educating children in the history of rivers and canals, in line with his own interests. It's probably not as interesting in the context of toys and models (or Bassett-Lowke Ltd.) as W.J.'s other three "Puffin" illustrated children's books, but it does document the keenness of his interest in ships and shipping, and we've included it here for completeness' sake.


  1. Cover, canalboat image
  2. Puffin Picture Books listing
  3. The Beginning of Waterways
  4. Great Rivers / India / China
  5. The Yagste Gorges
  6. The River of Egypt
  7. London River
  8. A river of the New World
  9. Europe's Busiest River - The Winding Rhine
  10. Switzerland and its Lakes
  11. Why Canals?
  12. Venice, the City of Canals
  13. The Corinth Canal
  14. How Canals are Built
  15. ...
  16. Locks and How They Work
  17. ...
  18. Curious Features of Canals
  19. ...
  20. The All-American Canal
  21. Life On Board a Barge
  22. The Manchester Ship Canal
  23. Two Famous European Ship Canals
  24. Suez - The Greatest Old World Canal
  25. The New World - Panama
  26. Europe's Great Waterways
  27. ...
  28. The Great Lakes of the New World
  29. Russia and its Waterways
  30. Types of Barges
  31. ...
  32. Back cover - Mississippi Steamboats