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When you wrap your fist around the control driving a TYCO HO Scale race car or sports car you'll know you've made the scene with a competitor that has a happy habit of winning in all kinds of competition. Here too ... a choice of 6 exciting and complete sets. 14 different car models. And accessories! Man! Lap counters, lane changers, double chicane adaptor track sections. The works! All at your nearby TYCO dealer's See him today!

HO Electric Trains / Speedways Accessories

— , Tyco, , advert, , Boys Life, , September 1965

TYCO - it's so much more fun to own the very best

Have you seen TYCO's 1965 race car sets? ... they're TOPS!

No other manufacturer offers so wide a range of choice of authentic H0 Scale model railroading components in kit form ... ready-to-run or in complete sets with or without Power Paks. From the famous 1860 "General" 4-4-0 Steam Locomotive and Tender, thru Tyco's new 1890 "Ten-Wheeler" 4-6-0 Steam Locomotive and Tender to the most modern of Streamline Diesel Locomotives and cars, Tyco brings you model railroading at its finest.

— , Tyco, , advert, , Boys Life, , October 1965


  • TYCO – Woodbury Heights, N.J. 08097