Tugboat Annie, Thames Tug (Tri-ang Penguin 428S)

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Tugboat Annie, Thames Tug (Tri-ang Penguin 428S)

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Arch Four , Area 35
Toy and Model Boats (display)


A plastic-shelled clockwork Thames Tugboat, "ANNIE", produced by Tri-ang's "International Model Aircraft" division in the 1950s.

"Annie" was the successor to Triang's earlier tugboat, "Mary"

This is a lovely little model boat, including details such as a hinge-down funnel to allow the tug to pass under low bridges.

1947 advertising text Tugboat Mary:

Tugboat "Mary"

An all plastic clockwork powered scale model of a Thames Tug

A accurate model of one of London's famous tug boats – the "little ships" of the Thames.

The Hull, deck and bulwarks are moulded exactly to shape and a powerful miniature clockwork motor supplies the motive power. All accessories, such as deckhouses, ventilators, bridge controls, Lifebelts , etc., are true-to-scale and the Kit also includes cement, transfers, full instructions and drawings.


— , Advert, , Meccano Magazine, , 1947

1953 catalogue text, Tugboat Annie:


A fine working model, with folding funnel and detachable mast. Length 7½" (19 cms.). Each in coloured box.