Tootsietoy Racing

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... the all-new racing line, promotionally designed ... promotionally packaged .... and promotionally priced to be the big sales hit of the year! The promotional line guaranteed to sell on sight!

HERE IS TOOTSIETOY RACING! ... two big-volume, colorful racing sets, jam-packed with greater play value ... fun and fast-action ... coordination training ... and delightful tale-top entertainment for the entire family!

HERE IS TOOTSIETOY RACING! ... brimming with the magic that appeals to the kiddy-car set and the values parents love ... with every part backed and guaranteed by Tootsietoy's 85-year reputation of durability and quality!

HERE IS TOOTSIETOY RACING! ... with dramatic, full-color advertising in Reader's Digest ... and other national publications ... selling and telling over 30-million buyers, "Here is the most exciting toy product of 1963 ... HERE IS TOOTSIETOY RACING!"

— , TootsieToy, , 1963


No. 5100 "Monza 8"
Battery operated racing set, complete with button controls, 2 die-cast metal Corvair Monzas, figure-8 track 31½" × 12½". Retail $ 8.00.
No. 5200 "Monza Big Power 8"
Complete with 3-volt power-pack, 2 rheostat controls, 2 die-cast metal Corvair Monzas, figure-8 track 46" × 29". Retail $16.00.