The Royal Nursery, The Queens Dolls House postcards (Raphael Tuck 4504-1)

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2016 Exhibit

The Royal Nursery, The Queens Dolls House postcards (Raphael Tuck 4504-1)

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Arch Two , Area 19
Antique and Vintage Dollhouse Miniatures (display)
In the Linen Room, The Queens Dolls House postcards (Raphael Tuck 4503-8).jpg The Royal Nursery - Cradle, Baby Chair and Weighing Machine, The Queens Dolls House postcards (Raphael Tuck 4504-2).jpg
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==This exhibit is scheduled to go on display during 2016, as part of the museum's 25th anniversary improvements==,

An "Oilette" postcard of "The Royal Nursery", The Queen's Dolls' House (later to be known as Queen Mary's Dolls' House), produced by Raphael Tuck and Sons ("Tuck's Postcards") catalogue number 4504-1. These postcards started to be produced in 1924, when the dollhouse first went on public display.




The Day Nursery in the Queen's Dolls’ House is complete from fireguard to toy cupboards. The decoration of the walls by Edmund Dulac illustrates fairy tales, "Sinbad the Sailor," "Cinderella," etc., and there are two volumes of Nursery Rhymes, a Rocking Horse, a model Theatre (showing Peter Pan), a model Train, toy Soldiers, a Noah's Ark and "Father Tuck’s Annual." This is indeed "the Land of Heart's Desire!" We have not mentioned the Biscuits, Sweets and Crackers – what more could any doll wish for?

— Raphael Tuck & Sons, Postcard 4504-1, -

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