The Progress of Meccano (MBoNM 1930)

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A page from the 1930 Meccano Book of New Models, describing how far Meccano had advanced since its inception in 1901.


The Progress of Meccano

THE great development of the Meccano system during the past few years has made possible the construction of a very large number of entirely new models, all perfect reproductions of their originals in real life. There is also another development of enormous importance – the introduction of steam power to the Meccano system. By means of the new Meccano Steam Engine models can be operated with real steam power just in the same manner as their prototypes. Steam has added 100 per cent. more fun to Meccano!

Engineering for Boys

before the invention of Meccano a boy who wanted to learn something of the wonders of engineering had to gain his knowledge from books. very often these books did not contain the type of information he required, and in any case the knowledge gained was not practical. Meccano has changed all this. To-day a boy who acquires engineering knowledge from books can put it into practice straight away by means of a Meccano Outfit. More wonderful than this, however, a boy can commence to build models immediately without any study or preparatory work, and all the models he builds will be constructed on sound engineering principles, because Meccano is real engineering in miniature.

Unlimited Possibilities

The possibilities of a Meccano outfit are unlimited. Each day new ideas can be put into practice and tried out, and there is always the chance that a valuable invention may result from a casual experiment made with some combination of Meccano parts.

When a boy builds a model in Meccano he uses component parts that are exact miniatures of those used in real engineering practice. He experiences all the enthusiasm and excitement of the real engineer who sees an intricate mechanism gradually taking shape, piece by piece, under his hands. Girders, Gear Wheels, Pinions, Pulleys and Couplings are all at his disposal, ready for incorporation in any machine or mechanism that he may devise; and all the time he is building like an engineer because he is using real engineering parts.

The 1930 Book of New Models

This book contains a collection of the latest Meccano models in which most of the recent Meccano parts are included. In the "Mechanisms" section will be found a number of interesting Gear Boxes, Clutches, various methods of Brake Gear, etc., all of which form valuable additions to the range of existing mechanisms.

Meccano boys who already possess Outfits, and particularly those who have just taken up the hobby, are reminded that the model-building possibilities of their outfits will be greatly increased by the addition of the latest Meccano parts.

Meccano Service

The service of Meccano does not end with sellign an Outfit and an Instruction Manual. When a boy wants to know something more about engineering than is now shown in our books, or when he strikes a tough problem or requires advice on his work or pleasures, he writes to us. Although all kinds of queries are received, the main interest is, of course, engineering. No one has such a wonderful knowledge of engineering matters as that possessed by our staff of experts. This vast store of knowledge, gained only by many years of hard-earned experience, is at your service.

— - , The Progress of Meccano , Meccano Book of New Models, 1930 edition