Stephenson's Rocket carriage, TREASURER (Hornby G104)

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Stephenson's Rocket carriage, TREASURER (Hornby G104)

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Arch Two , Area 3
Toyshop Steam (display)

An additional yellow carriage for the 3.5" gauge Hornby G100 Rocket steam railway, available separately as G104.

"Treasurer" carriage

The carriage was supplied with a set of alternative gold name decals to allow the user to choose their carriage name, the options being "EXPERIENCE", "TRAVELLER", "TIMES", "TREASURER" AND "DESPATCH". This one is marked "TREASURER".

Information slip text:

" This Hornby model is based on the facsimile Liverpool and Manchester Railway first class coach in the National Railway Museum at York. It has opening doors and amongst the many features are the steps which were required in the days before stations had platforms. "


" Rocket locomotives are tested at the factory pulling a load of one coach on level track. The locomotive, when correctly operated, has the power to pull two coaches on level track but to minimise wheel-spin it is important that the track be free from oil or grease.
If wheelspin does occur it can be considerably reduced by painting the rims of the locomotive driving wheels with a non-slip paint such as "International Paints 101 NON-SLIP Deck Paint". Light grey is a suitable colour. Before painting thoroughly clean rims with methylated spirit to remove any oil. Allow 24 hours for paint to dry before running locomotive. Further applications of paint may be made from time to time as necessary. "