Spitfire fighter plane, radio-controlled, quarter-scale (Ken Manley)

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Spitfire fighter plane, radio-controlled, quarter-scale (Ken Manley)

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Arch One , Area 71
Arch One, Overhead
Quarter-scale Supermarine Spitfire, underside

Quarter-scale Supermarine Spitfire, underside [image info]

An imposing quarter-scale radio-controlled model of the WW2 Supermarine Spitfire fighter airplane, built by Ken Manley.

Like all the other large overhead aircraft in the museum, this is a proper flying radio-controlled model, as evidenced by the scuffs and bangs on the wing leading edges and underside of the nose, from rough landings.



This huge flying model model has a nine-foot-seven-inch-wingspan, and is fitted out with a number of gimmicks, including a retractable undercarriage.


It hangs in Arch One of the Museum, and is one of the first things that visitors see when they enter.

Arch One with overhead ~ten-foot Spitfire model

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