Snorkel cherrypicker truck (Tonka)

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Snorkel cherrypicker truck (Tonka)

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A red metal Tonka "Snorkel" "cherrypicker" or "bucket" truck, around a foot long, with a white hinged arm bearing the word "SNORKEL" in black, and a white bucket.

The truck is around a foot long, has seen some use, and probably dates from the 1960’s or 1970’s. It has the distinctive "angular and chunky" Tonka Toys styling, and large ribbed tyres with the Tonka name. It also has a "Tonka" crest on the side of the cab, a hose that runs up to the bucket platform, and clips on one side to hold a detachable ladder (missing).


Simon Snorkel is a UK company that specialises in building fire trucks and other aerial platform vehicles and fire trucks.

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