Shell Motor Spirit tanker (Bowman Models 663)

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Shell Motor Spirit tanker (Bowman Models 663)

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A red gauge 0 model of a tanker marked "Shell Motor Spirit", made by Bowman Models, circa ~1931.

Shell Motor Spirit Oil Tanker, Bowman model 663

Catalogue description, ~1931


This Goods rolling-stock is designed to cater for the many railway enthusiasts who desire realism at the lowest possible price. In spite of their low cost these trucks are solidly made of wood with turned cast iron wheels and steel axles, and run with a freedom and smoothness only previously associated with expensive scale models. There is an entire absence of any "tinny" sound when running. On account of their solid construction they will stand very hard wear even if used out of doors.


Model 663 - "O" gauge (1¼"), PRICE 7/6 Post 4d. Length 7½", Capacity ¼ pt.