Sasha Dolls

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Sasha Dolls

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Arch Two , Area 17
Toy Variety (display)
Shelf 1

A collection of Sasha Dolls, in Arch Two.

"Gregor Dark Denim Version", "Sasha Brunette Version" and "Sasha Dark Haired Baby Girl" are all dolls produced in England by Frido Trendon Ltd, originally designed by Sasha Morgenthaler. They are all plastic versions with movable arms, legs and head, plastic hair and painted eyes.


  • Gregor dark denim version
"Gregor Dark Denim Jeans" is a version produced in 1968. It is a 41cm tall brunette version wearing blue jeans, black sweater and leather sandals. It also has a white string in the right arm.
  • Sasha brunette version in blue cord
This Sasha Brunette version, named "Luisa", was produced in 1997. It is a 41cm tall doll dressed in blue cord and wearing leather shoes.
  • Sasha dark-haired baby girl
"Sasha Dark Haired Baby Girl" was produced at the end of 70s. It is a 30cm tall, made of plastic and wears a white cotton dress.


Information from:

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