Rover Achilles-Class locomotive (cast paperweight)

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Rover Achilles-Class locomotive (cast paperweight)

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Cast Iron Locomotive Paperweights (display)

A painted, cast-iron paperweight model of the Great Western Railway's 3019 "Rover" locomotive, a "Dean Single" 3001-Class locomotive and tender, rebuilt as a 4-2-2 3031 ("Achilles") class. The loco has a single pair of large drivewheels, and is finished in dark green with a dark red/brown bed and wheelcover, and gold lining.

The original locomotive

The 3001-Class locomotives, numbered 3001-3030 were designed by William Dean for the GWR and were originally built in 1891-92 with a 2-2-2 wheel configuration. However, it was quickly discovered that the design had stability problems, and locomotive 3031 (Achilles, 1894) was built with a front bogey in a 4-2-2 configuration (3031-class).

When Achilles seemed to be a success, the existing thirty engines were then quickly modified to join the growing ranks of their 4-2-2 brethren during 1894, and the new 3031-class configuration was used for the rest of the series, ending with 3080 Windsor Castle in 1899.

3019 "Rover" was built in 1892 and modified with the rest of its siblings in 1894, but was withdrawn from service in 1908.

The model on display is of a "modified" 3019 Rover, with the front bogey.

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