Primus Engineering Clockwork Motor (Primus Engineering)

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Primus Engineering Clockwork Motor (Primus Engineering)

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Arch Two , Area 6
Metal Construction Sets (display)


A boxed Primus Engineering Clockwork Motor, from the 1920s.


The motor is displayed alongside its box, which features "Primus Engineering Clockwork Motor" graphics.

The motor's gearing is sandwiched between two parallel plates, which have Primus/Meccano spaced mounting holes all around their edges. Fitted to one side of one of the plates is a squat circular bell-shaped plate centred on with the clockwork's drive axle, which presumably holds the spiral spring.

The circular plate is painted brown (to match the Primus Locomotive body), and is stamped PRIMUS ENGINEERING around the upper surface in wide letters, and LONG RUN in smaller letters across its middle.


The Primus Clockwork Motor came with the Primus Clockwork Locomotive Outfit as standard, and could be fitted to vehicles built using the Primus Motor Chassis Outfit.