PLM locomotive 6101, spirit-fired (Aster gauge 1)

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PLM locomotive 6101, spirit-fired (Aster gauge 1)

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Arch Four , Area 39
End Cabinet (display)
Shelf 2

A dark green gauge 1 spirit-fired live steam model of a French PLM 4-6-2 locomotive, number 6101, with eight-wheel tender number 28-48, made by Aster.

The locomotive has typical PLM twin domes and diagonal piping, and has a wedge-shaped cab. It's displayed at the head of a run of gauge 1 European coaches.

Aster PLM loco steam-powered model, side view

The original locomotive

The locomotive class PLM 6101 to 6171 went into service in 1911 (the prototype having been built in 1909).