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The North London Railway was founded in 1850 as the East & West India Docks & Birmingham Junction Railway, and was assigned its shorter name and abbreviation (NLR) in 1853. It was run by the London and North Western Railway (LNWR) from 1909, and was absorbed into the LNWR in 1922 with the rationalisation of Britain's railways to create the Big Four railway companies.

Perhaps suprisingly for such a small railway, the NLR had its own locomotive works, at Bow.


The railway originally linked London's docks in the East End with Camden in North London, but extensions and connections eventually resulted in an arc of routes from dockland, up to Camden, westward through North London, and down again towards the river in Kew, West London (with further connecting services to Richmond).

The North London Line became considered by Londoners in its catchment area as a "secret railway", a pleasant leafy overland route that could whisk travellers quickly and cheaply to a limited range of destinations without suffering the congestion of the Tube.

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