Nord 4-6-2 "Super Pacific" locomotive 3.1251 (Fournereau)

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Nord 4-6-2 "Super Pacific" locomotive 3.1251 (Fournereau)

Nord 4-6-2 locomotive 3.1251, detail (Fournereau).jpg (i)
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Arch Three , Area 1
1930s Model Railway Layout

A brown gauge 0 4-6-2 Nord "Super Pacific" locomotive with smoke deflectors, number 3.1251, with an eight-wheeled tender, made by Fournereau.

Side detail showing external pipework
Nord 31222 "Super Pacific" pulling the Flèche d'Or (Golden Arrow) train

The original locomotive

Nord had three batches of these locomotives built, in in 1923-24, 1929, and 1930-31. Loco number 3.1251 was the first loco in the third (1930-31) batch.