Medium Artillery Tractor (Dinky Toys 689)

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Medium Artillery Tractor (Dinky Toys 689)

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}} A dark green military 5.5 Medium Gun, Dinky Toys 692, made by Meccano Ltd from 1957 to 1966.

1958 catalogue image, Dinky 689

November 1957, Dinky Toy News:

The original of the Dinky Supertoys model is a powerful Leyland vehicle, with a 10-ton power-operated winch fitted into the chassis. the tractor is intended for towing medium artillery equipment, and as it is designed to travel into forward battle areas it is provided with six-wheel drive, so that it is capable of operating in difficult conditions. A striking feature of the real vehicle, and one that is apparent in the model, is its exceptionally large cab. This has seating accommodation for twelve and room for their personal arms and equipment. Thus the tractor can accommodate both the crews of both the vehicle and the gun.

Behind the cab is a load body with a canvas cover. This body will carry 4 1/2 tons of ammunition, stores and equipment, so that the loaded vehicle and gun form a self-contained unit ready to go nto action at a moment's notice. An interesting feature of the tractor is that the body has special compartments for the carriage of two spare wheels. One of these wheels is for the vehicle and the other is for the gun. The spare wheel compartments are reproduced in the model, and as you can see in my picture showing the model with its cover removed, each compartment is provided with a tyre.

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