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Loco Revue is a monthly magazine founded in 1937 by Jean-Edmond Fournereau, and is France’s most popular model railway magazine. It's currently edited by Christian Fournereau.

The magazine has four sections – S’informer, Contempler, Practiquer and Entre nous – that can be characterised News, Ideas/inspiration, Practice and Readers' pages.

Currently four special issues are produced per year with a larger page-count, focusing on a subject such as the year’s Nuremburg Toy Fair.

Hors Séries Loco Revue

An additional offshoot publication, Hors Séries Loco Revue, HSLR (lit: Outside Series Loco Revue) is published six times a year, with each issue's articles focussing on a single theme. The masthead of HSLR is blue, to visually distinguish it from the standard Loco-Revue masthead, which is red.


Hors Séries Loco Revue issues have their own separate numbering system to the "main series"” LR magazines, with a number prefixed by "HSLR ". The June 2016 issue was number "HSLR 49", while the July 2016 issue of Loco-Revue was "No.828".

ISSN: 0024-5739