LNER carriage 17172 (Bowman Models 551)

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LNER carriage 17172 (Bowman Models 551)

LNER Passenger Coach 11652, Bowman Models 551 (BowmanCat ~1931).jpg (i)
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Arch Two , Area 3
Toyshop Steam (display)

A brown "oversize gauge 0" model of a wooden LNER First/Third Class carriage, number 17172, made by Bowman Models.

Closeup of a Bowman oversize gauge 0 carriage

Catalogue description, ~1931

Passenger Coach Model 551

These massive and substantial coaches have set a new standard for moderate priced rolling stock. They are equally suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and, on the track, possess that solid smooth-running movement only previously associated with expensive scale models at several times their price. Constructed solely of wood and steel, there is an entire absence of any "tinny" sound when running. They are specially designed for use with the large Bowman Locos Models 234 and 265, and their large realistic appearance and smooth-running properties make a strong appeal to model engineers.


BODY of heavy gauge steel plate with opening doors and windows embossed to shape. Mounted on underbody of hard wood. BOGIES of special Bowman design ensuring complete freedom in turning sharp curves. WHEELS of turned cast iron mounted on steel axles for "O" gauge (1 3/4"). Overall length 1'4". Height 4 1/2" Weight 2lbs. Suitable for curves of 2' radius and over.

L.N.E.R., L.M.S. and G.W. only Postage 9d. 15/6

1931: LNER Passenger Coach, Bowman model 551

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