King Arthur locomotive (Bing for Bassett Lowke gauge 1)

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King Arthur locomotive (Bing for Bassett Lowke gauge 1)

King Arthur locomotive SR 453, gauge 1 (Bing for Bassett-Lowke).jpg Bing/B-L King Arthur (i)

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A green gauge 1, steam-powered "King Arthur" 4-6-0 "LSWR N15 Class" locomotive ("Southern", number 453), made by Bing for Bassett-Lowke, circa 1925.

SR 453 "King Arthur", Gauge 1, Bing for Bassett-Lowke, detail

The original locomotive

The N15 class were constructed at Eastleigh and Glasgow by the London and South Western Railway between 1919 and 1926, and started being assigned names in 1926 after the railway became part of Southern Railway. The Eastleigh E453 "King Arthur" was the first locomotive in the series to be named under SR, and the other N15 "Arthurs" were given other names from Arthurian legend.

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