Junior Yacht no000 (Triang)

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Junior Yacht no000 (Triang)

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Arch Four , Area 35
Toy and Model Boats (display)
Shelf 3

A red metal Tri-ang Yacht, with two white sails and a thick black stripe along the top edge of its hull.

The main body of the yacht is made from three pieces of metal, painted bright red: An upper deck with faintly-visible cabin superstructure stamped into it, along with the "Tri-ang" name, a one-piece lower hull, and a seep stabilising keel with a right-angle bend at the top to create a plate to connect it to the hull, and a folded bottom to create an end-weight to help keep the boat upright, even with wind on its tall sails.


We've tentatively identified this as the Tri-ang No.000 Junior Yacht / Triang No.000 K Yacht. Tri-ang obtained the rights to produce the stamped-metal-bodied "k Yachts" in the 1930s and initially advertised them under this name, with the "k" logo printed on the sails. This example doesn't have the "k", and the keel is parallelogram-shaped (with a hole), which doesn't correspond to any of the keel shapes in the catalogues that we've looked at so far, but the body is very much the same.

As for the exact model, we think that it's the entry-level "000", encouraged partly by the fact that the catalogue illustrations we've seeing of the range show the 00 in red (the keel is normally an aid to identification, but not in this case). Since the different versions had different lengths, we should be able to get a more reliable identification by measuring the length of the boat the next time we have the "ships" cabinet open.