Jack-In-A-Boat (Tri-ang Minic)

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Jack-In-A-Boat (Tri-ang Minic)

Jack In A Boat, Triang Minic (MM 1951-05).jpg 1951 advert from Meccano Magazine, lineart (i)
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A novelty clockwork toy rowing-boat, "Jack-In-A-Boat", made by Tri-ang and sold as part of the Minic novelties range.

Tri-ang Jack In A Boat

The boat seems to have first appeared in advertising and catalogues in 1950.

1950 advert text

Tri-ang Jack really rows! He doesn't just go through the motions

" Our Jack may not win the next boat race – but he's a certain winner in everything else! A few turns of a key and he's off! Blades dipping with perfect timing – and never a "crab" – across the pond or round the bath.
See the Tri-ang "Jack-in-a-Boat" at your local toy shops – look at the perfect shaping and finish of the hull – the ingenious sliding seat action – the special, powerful, long-running clockwork motor – the adjustable rudder and the many other exclusive features of this amazing toy.
And the price, too – it's one that you can afford. So buy your "Jack" to-day – and show your friends – then you can hold your own boat races!
Price 9'6
"Jack-in-a-Boat" is one of the many Tri-ang novelty toys now in the shops. They are all new – and really funny to watch. See them everywhere! "

1951 advert text

" Jack rows merrily along when the powerful clockwork motor is wound. Precision moulded, plastic hull, deck and figures in gay colours. Length 8 1/4"
Price 9/6 "