Insulated Container, GWR FX-1642 (Hornby Series)

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Insulated Container, GWR FX-1642 (Hornby Series)

BTMM map 062.gif

Arch Four , Area 62
1930s Layout, top


A white GWR Insulated Shipping Container for gauge 0, with lifting chain, made by Hornby circa ~1936.

Promotional text

The G.W.R. representative is an Insulated Container "FX1642", as used for the transport of frozen meat from overseas, and has doors at the sides as well as at one end. It has a neat and clean appearance, for it is finished in white with black lettering and, like nearly all G.W.R equipment, it bears the neat and up-to-date monogram of the company. It is very complete in detail, for its design includes the locking bars and other fittings for securing the doors, even to the minute hooks that hold these back when they are open for loading or unloading. The word "insulated" appears on the side doors, and the other wording emphasises the special importance of container service for perishable traffic.

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