Hydraulic Buffer Stops, No3E (Hornby Series)

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Hydraulic Buffer Stops, No3E (Hornby Series)

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Arch Three , Area 1
1930s Model Railway Layout

A blue and red gauge 0 Hornby Series illuminated Hydraulic buffer stop No.3A, with electric stop light fitted.

Where Buffer Stops No.1 lacked a lighting bracket, and could only be bought with or without a factory-fitted lamp, buffers 2A and 3A had the necessary bracket that allowed users to fit a lamp themselves, to produce the equivalent of an "E" version.

The later No.3 hydraulic buffers had a more chunky "concrete-like" design without the side bars present on the No.2, and this example has a red front part (including buffer sleeves) and a blue back. Unlike the No.2s, the No.3s were designed to fit directly to Hornby's new steel rails.

Further readng:

  • Tommy Dodd, "Buffer Stops in the Hornby Series", Meccano Magazine October 1938, page 591 - includes picture of a Hornby Series No.3 buffer stop