Hornby Complete Railway Set M10

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Hornby Complete Railway Set M10

Hornby Complete M10 box (1939 HBot).jpg "Hornby Complete M10 Railway Set (1936 advert) (i)

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Arch Four , Area 37
Hornby Wall (display)
Shelf 6

A boxed gauge 0 Hornby Complete M10 railway set.

This was the second-largest gauge 0 set that Hornby ever produced, and given the cost, it's likely that not that many were made.

Set M10 was stuffed with trainy goodies, and as well as a Hornby Train, included an oval of track, two stations, a signalbox, a level crossing, a footbridge, a cutting and tunnel, signalling, trees, and people and animals.

Catalogue images (click to enlarge)

1939 Catalogue layout, in colour
1939 Catalogue box and contents, in colour
1936 catalogue listing
1936 catalogue layout image