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NEW Authentic Plastic Designs for SLOT CAR RACERS That T.K.O. All the Rest

Finest Shells Available For Slot Car Enthusiasts

Here's rock 'em sock 'em realistic design with sleek, startling beauty, and sheer two-fisted strength for all-out performance in the most demanding competition! Easy chassis mounting for fast change-over to favourite power unit. AND MORE!

Colour tinted to look like real pros. You mask off window and windshield and paint-it-up as you like it. When the job is done you have a spectacular, colorful shell with window and windshield authentically tinted.

Hawk body shells are painstakingly crafted, detailed to the highest perfection of modelling standards to look like champs, and muscle out the rest in every test! Get several and be prepared to take on all comers

Choose from 12 dynamic designs – '57 Ford Thunderbird – Studebaker Avanti – Chevy Corsa – Ford Cobra GT – Ford Falcon Sprint – '41 Willis – Mercedes W-163 – Ford GT – Chevy Corvette Fast Back – Lotus 23 – Cobra – Porsche RS-60


– Can Be Adapted to Slot Racing – Terrific as Display Models – Complete with Authentic Marking Decal – Individually boxed with Brilliantly Illustrated Racing Scene

Ferrari Lancia Formula 1 – Maserati 5000GT – Chaparral II

Wow! Only 29c. Sure, price goes down for the count but quality and authenticity stand up to the heavy-weights every time! Hawk's Pacemakers are not only a great forst-time match for the kit-building beginner, but an exciting challenge for the pros. Check the detail, double-check the slot adaptability. Add all three to your collection, now! ... Complete with many parts and decals.

Hawk - Most Trusted Name In Modelling

— , Hawk Model Company, , advert, , Boys Life, , September 1965


  • Hawk Model Company – 4600 North Olcott Avenue, Chicago, Illinois