Guard's Van (Gamages)

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Guard's Van (Gamages)

BTMM map 030.gif
Arch Three , Area 30
Classic Locomotives (display)
Shelf 1

A fairly early grey gauge 0 Guard's Van supplied by Gamages, and made by an unnamed German manufacturer.


The van is grey with black curved roof(s) and orange painted edging on the solebar and around the small windows. It also has an opening side door with handle, and a raised "lookout box" with window attached to one end of the van, reachable via a black angled set of steps with handrail at each side.

At the opposite end to the lookout box is an open shallow-walled area, the floor of which has a bare metal approximately "leaf-shaped" geometrically-shaped plate, stanped with the just-legible words, "A W GAMAGE LTD / LONDON / HOLBORN / MADE IN GERMANY ".